LED screen T-shirt creating hole through wearer illusion

I thought about that earlier tonight, while looking for an available domain name and trying out words combinations by the dozen: one of those combinations, I don't even remember which, made me think of a t-shirt with a flexible circular display at the front, and a camera at the back: it wouldn't be cheap, but… Continue reading LED screen T-shirt creating hole through wearer illusion


Self inflating keyring (key buoy)

Someone just posted a video on Facebook of a smartphone airbag preventing the phone from slamming against the floor when being dropped. The system works using sensors which detect the falling motion and deploy a set of springs found on the phone's four corners. I find it aesthetically unpleasing, and it does make the phone… Continue reading Self inflating keyring (key buoy)


Professional Cam Girls studio. Investor needed.

Is this that kind of business? Are you that kind of a person? -- click and see. But I can tell you right now that I don't sleep with the bible under my pillow, and, if you can think in business terms (money in / money out), I invite you to read thoroughly. Oh!, and...… Continue reading Professional Cam Girls studio. Investor needed.


Real time TV commercial breaks skipper

It occured to me that TV commercial breaks can be skipped. Thought about that not only because commercials are a waste of time, but also because they are annoying: everything is the best money can buy, discover this, discover that, call now, buy two and get one free... Nothing is for free. Every cent above… Continue reading Real time TV commercial breaks skipper


Spyware stealing patentable ideas

I have recently heard about the Amazon-FBA business opportunity, and read about it. An interesting detail I've come across is that the Amazon competition is so big that some Asian businesses hire people to full-time "destroy" competition through masked-negative reviews, clicking on competition's paid Amazon ads etc. It makes sense. We all know that people… Continue reading Spyware stealing patentable ideas


Bracelet with perfume (fragrance) container

... came across this image, several days ago, while Google checking if another product that I've thought of exists or not. The fragrance-container bracelet is an idea that I came up with 11 years ago, in 2007. Wrote to Bulgari about it, and they replied saying "we evaluated your idea about the new product concept… Continue reading Bracelet with perfume (fragrance) container


Travalo fragrance travel atomizer

This fragrance travel atomizer is another product I've been thinking about myself years ago. In October 2007 I've submitted my idea to a certain Laura Lucci at Bulgari: "Fragrance bottles will be built having a removable spray-head. The holder is a small container which fills itself with perfume when pressed on the pipe the sprayer-head… Continue reading Travalo fragrance travel atomizer


Space colonization: a time to split our species

One day, not too far in the future, technology will allow us to colonize other planets in our Solar System and beyond. Whether it will be Mars or not, whether it's going to happen by 2050 or no earlier than the next century, there will be a first-yet-less-important such episode. We will be cloning the… Continue reading Space colonization: a time to split our species


It’s not the fighting that brings couples closer

Arguing and fighting bring couples closer, psychologists say. It's not something I read about, despite the fact that a short Google search returns a dozen titles supporting the theory, but something that observing the human behaviour made me realise: in my opinion, though, it cannot be the fighting itself which creates closeness. There's another explanation… Continue reading It’s not the fighting that brings couples closer